Ins Printers Use, Volume 2

Xerox printed in a first edition of 250 copies.

20 pages, 4.25 x 11 inches.


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The letterpress community is one of shared resources. Knowledge is passed from one printer to another and then refined by the recipient through daily practice. The result is that we all use the same basic set of materials in slightly different ways. I have found that this practice can sometimes lead me into a corner. At those times, I want to ask a wider range of printers about their solutions to particular problems. In recent years there has been no bigger problem in my work than ink. So, in 2021 I decided to send a short questionnaire to other printers to hear what inks they use, why and how they use them, and how they learned about them. The result was so instructive that I wanted to hear more. This second volume of Inks Printers Use presents the experience and expertise of sixteen more printers on the subject of inks:

Ken Botnick

Inge Bruggeman

Macy Chadwick

Jonathan Clark

Aaron Cohick

Jason Dewinetz

Bradley Hutchinson

Ruth Lingen

Val Lucas

Mark McMurray

Sarah Nicholls

Chad Pastotnik

Elies Plana

Ed Rayher

Sandra Liddell and Harry Reese