If you happen to be in Venice this week, stop by Chiarastella Cattana’s boutique for a presentation of Character Traits. Friday evening, April 26, 6–9pm, Salizzada San Samuele, San Marco 3216.

My work appears in two new trade publication this month. Susan Roether wrote a lengthy, nuanced review of my 2016 book, Some Problems with Red, for the current Book Club of California Quarterly (free with any membership in the Book Club of California); and my article “Letterforms, Alphabets, Typefaces” is out in the “The New Bookbinder” Vol. 37 from Designer Bookbinders, who were kind enough to use my letter O from Linear A to Linear Z for the cover image.

During October I will be the Bodleian Libraries’ Printer in Residence. As part of the residency I will be giving a talk titled, Making Third Stream Books in the Post-Digital Age, at 5:15pm on October 17th at the Weston Library Lecture Theatre. For details visit the Bodleian’s webpage. I will also be working at the Bodleian’s Bibliographic Press most weekdays. If you are going to be in Oxford and would like to visit, email me to set up a time.

Take a sneak peak at Roma Abstract at the Solstice Book Fair in Iowa City, June 22nd.

Used copies of Hungry Bibliophiles will be on display at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, January 21–February 3, 2017. Facsimile copies showing the used and annotated recipes are now available in Books in Print! Above: Maria Frederick’s copy of Hungry Bibliophiles.

Announcing a new typographic adventure. A couple of weeks ago I received the “proof of concept” trial letter for my typeface, Hungry Dutch, from the Type Archive in London. Pictured above are the job ticket, pattern, punch, matrix, type, and print from the trial H, all derived from my design. This is the first new design created for Monotype Composition Casters in forty years. There is a detailed post about it in the Books in Print section of the site. I am looking for a few courageous people to sponsor the making of a letter or two, and join me on a journey into the unknown.