Used copies of Hungry Bibliophiles will be on display at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, January 21–February 3, 2017. Facsimile copies showing the used and annotated recipes are now available in Books in Print! Above: Maria Frederick’s copy of Hungry Bibliophiles.

Announcing a new typographic adventure. A couple of weeks ago I received the “proof of concept” trial letter for my typeface, Hungry Dutch, from the Type Archive in London. Pictured above are the job ticket, pattern, punch, matrix, type, and print from the trial H, all derived from my design. This is the first new design created for Monotype Composition Casters in forty years. There is a detailed post about it in the Books in Print section of the site. I am looking for a few courageous people to sponsor the making of a letter or two, and join me on a journey into the unknown.

The first casting of my new Baker typeface has arrived from Swamp Press & Letterfoundry. Ed Rayher engraved the 53 matrices and cast the type on a 24pt body, with two 30pt alternate characters. A couple of characters need revision, but finished half-strength jobbing fonts of the type will be available this July. If you are interested in purchasing a font, email me at russellmaret (at)

Some Problems with Red is now back from the binder and available for purchase on my online store.

Above is a close up photo of one of my 2016 new years cards, showing the new Pinwheel Ornaments in action. The ornament set consists of fourteen pieces, designed by me and engraved and cast in metal by Ed Rayher at Swamp Press. The ornaments will feature in my book, Ornamental Digressions, due later this year. In the meantime, I am hard at work on a small, brightly colored book, Some Problems with Red, which will debut at the Manhattan Fine Press Book Fair on April 9. Photo: Matt Rieck.

Come celebrate the publication of Linear A to Linear Z at Joe Serrins Studio. Thursday, November 19, from 6:30–9:30. 526 West 26th Street, Studio 916.

Pinwheel Ornaments arrive! On July 6, Annie and I stopped in at Ed Rayher’s Swamp Press & Letterfoundry to pick up 942 sort lines of my Pinwheel Ornaments. The set consists of fourteen different elements, each engraved and cast by Ed from my designs. Over the next year I will work on a specimen book of the ornaments titled, Ornamental Digressions. In 2016 we will offer a special casting of Pinwheel by subscription. Stay tuned.

Interstices & Intersections was recently displayed in the exhibit “Marks of Genius” at Blackwell’s Rare Books in Oxford. It was, coincidentally, the only work in the exhibit made by a living artist.

Diverse Characters: An Exhibition of Letterforms and Books by Russell Maret September 15, 2014–January 23, 2015 • Chang Octagon, Rare Book and Manuscript Department, Butler Library, Columbia University

Come see a selection of my more recent books at Columbia University’s Chang Octagon Gallery. There will be an opening reception at 6pm on Thursday, October 23. 535 West 114th Street, 6th floor.

The first copy of Interstices & Intersections or, An Autodidact Comprehends a Cube has arrived from the bindery! See the book in person at the Manhattan Fine Press Book Fair, April 5 & 6, the Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10001. Visit for info.